Other Mover and Relocation​ Services

Customs Clearance & General Cargo Handling

Seabra Movers can provide you with a one stop shop for commercial cargo handling.Our Sealite Group sister company, TCC Service Co.,Ltd, are experts in commercial customs clearance (also household goods and personal effects)
We can clear your shipment through customs , transport the shipping container from the port to our warehouse,unload and check off the contents.

Automobile Shipping

EXPORT : We can provide a complete range of vehicle handling services

  • Collection of vehicle from residence or embassy by own wheels or car carrier 
  • Cancellation of vehicle registration 
  • Booking Space with the shipping line 
  • Steam cleaning Preparation of export documents for customs and shipping line 
  • Loading and lashing into shipping container 
  • Export customs clearance 
  • Seafreight to destination port Import customs clearance and delivery at destination country. However. please note that 
  • import regulations vary considerably from country to country and we would check this for you before accepting your vehicle for shipment.
note that import regulations vary considerably from country to country and we would check this for you before accepting your vehicle for shipment.

IMPORT : Diplomatic vehicles (and motorbikes)

For diplomatic vehicles (and motorbikes)we liaise with the embassy concerned to obtain the duty free import approval from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Once obtained, customs clearance and delivery is normally straight forward.

IMPORT : Privately owned vehicles (and motorbikes)

We only handle the import of diplomatic vehicles as privately owned vehicles (and motorbikes)need an import license (which must be obtained prior to shipment) and most applications in Thailand are rejected.Furthermore, they are subject to very high import duty and tax. If you are thinking about importing a privately owned vehicles into Thailand, please contact us for more information.

Pet Relocation Pet Moving Service

Seabra Movers know how important your pets are to you. We offer all services associated with pet relocation. We provide crates and transportation and make sure your pets are moved with care and without stress or injury. You can trust your beloved animal companion with us. Services are available for dogs and cats.

We can advise you which methods methods of transportation are allowed to your destination country. Even if accompanied baggage is acceptable, you may still prefer to send your pet by airfreight to suit your personal circumstances.

Most destination countries will allow you to take your pet on the aircraft with you from Thailand as accompanied baggage. However, import/quarantine regulations in some countries are such that you must send your pet by airfreight.

• Many countries insist that you send a blood sample for analysis and this has to be done 3 months prior to departure. We can advise if this is a requirement to your destination country and give you further details.
• Many countries require an import permit to be arranged before shipment can be made. We can advise if this is a requirement for your destination country, and , if so, assist you to obtain it.
• For all destination countries, the pet must have a microchip implant before shipment.

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

We are pleased to offer you all risk transit insurance for your shipment of household


Our insurance policies, administered by Inter Trans Insurance Services, Inc., provide all-risk coverage from the moment we arrive to pack until we deliver and unpack at your new home.

• Coverage is for full replacement value
• Mold and Mildew included in the basic premium
• No deductibles
• Coverage available for Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic derangement
• Coverage available for Pairs and Sets
• If your household goods are placed into storage during transit, the policy includes an automatic storage coverage for 90 days, For in-transit storage in excess of 90 days, we provide storage extension coverage


• We are pleased to offer you insurance at a premium of 1.5% of the declared value of the goods to be moved
• Please ask us for more details.

Commercial Packing Crating and Box shop

We provide all types of commercial packing such as:

• wrapping individual items with paper and/or bubble wrap

• lining cardboard cartons with foam, if required

• packing items into cartons of various sizes

• loading cartons and strapping onto pallets

• making wooden crates with ISPM certified timber

• vacuum packing and ancillary services such as fumigation with methyl bromide

Freight Forwarder

We serve as a one-stop service provider by using our experience and global network. We put together the best means of transportation to also assist you with any additional related requirements. With our expertise in high-quality shipping services, we transfer items from and to anyplace in the globe as smooth, easy efficient as possible. Not to mention, we also provide full worldwide solutions by combining our transportation, and logistics knowledge. Nowadays, more opportunity arises from the never ending growth of globalization and through geographical expansion. Hence, we Seabra Movers exerts our best efforts to meet and handle all international transportation demands as we always dedicate to each and every customers.