International & Domestic Household Relocation

International household goods relocations 

Seabra Movers’ experienced Thai and International management, highly skilled packers and operations staff, plus a worldwide network of partners through our membership of the International Association of Movers (IAM), makes Seabra Movers your first choice for international household moves from anywhere in Thailand to any destination around the world.

As part of the fully integrated Sealite transport group, Seabra Movers is uniquely placed to benefit from our Sealite Ocean and Sealite air freight services and our in-house Sealite customs clearance staff enabling us to quote very competitive door to door rates.

Survey And Quotation

We will be pleased to arrange a visit to your house/apartment for a pre-moving survey. We will estimate the volume and weight of the household goods and personal effects that you want to move and then prepare a detailed quotation for you – all free of charge.

During the survey appointment, we will also provide you with the information on

  • Packing materials used and the method of packing
  • Handling of fragile and valuable items
  • Documents required when leaving Thailand
  • Customs regulations and procedures at your destination country
  • Door to door transit times
  • Insurance
Furthermore, we will determine your specific needs and tailor make our services to suit your requirements. You may want your shipment to be sent straight away by airfreight or ocean freight or held in our Bangkok warehouse until your destination residence is ready.


Seabra Movers use only the highest quality international standard packing materials. Furniture items will be covered with soft paper, bubble wrap and then thick cardboard cut to shape Kitchenware, glassware, chinaware, ornaments etc will be individually wrapped in soft paper and then bubble wrap before placing carefully in strong cardboard cartons Glass cabinets, large pictures and paintings will be wrapped in soft paper, bubble wrap and placed in a tailor made, styrofoam lined, wooden case. Clothes will either be packed into flat cardboard cartons or, if suitable, hung on hangers in cardboard wardrobes. Silica Gel crystals are used extensively to ensure moisture control.s


By Sea

Depending on the size of the shipment, shipping by sea will either be in large wooden cases (lift vans) and shipped as LCL cargo or all the items will be placed “looseload” directly into a sole use 20 ft or 40 ft shipping container

By Air

Packed cartons to be shipped by air will be loaded onto a pallet, covered with protective plastic and secured with plastic bands.

Diplomatic Shipments

Diplomatic Shipments must be processed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Royal Thai Government. This process is arranged by the Embassy / UN organization concerned and it usually takes 10-14 days from the arrival of the shipment to obtain the duty free entry approval documents (DP1).

Destination Handling

When your shipment reaches its destination, our partners will arrange customs clearance and delivery to your new residence, unpacking, unwrapping, placing of furniture and other items, re-assembly of beds etc and the removal of the used packing materials.

Inbound Shipments

Seabra Movers are ideally placed to handle your inbound shipment of used household goods and personal effects from either Bangkok port or Lat Krabang ICD with customs clearance and delivery to your residence anywhere in Thailand. Diplomats, business people, returning Thai nationals, retirees – we can give you advice on the duty free status of your shipment, work permit requirements etc

General Customs information – Thailand

Non Diplomatic Shipments

In order to qualify for duty free status on importing used household goods and personal effects, the shipper must have one of the following when the shipment arrives :-

  • A work permit valid for 1 year
  • A 1 year category “B” visa issued by the Immigration Department in Thailand (and not to be confused with a visa of the same name issued a Thai Embassy overseas)c)
  • Persons working for a company or project that has the Thai Government Board of Investment (BOI) approval, may obtain a letter from the BOI to customs granting exemption from import duty and tax
  • Returning Thai nationals who have been living in the country of shipment origin for 12 consecutive months or longer will be exempted from import duty and tax. However, too frequent travel back to Thailand during this period may cause a problem should customs deem the owner not to have lived permanently in the foreign country. Thai citizens with dual nationality must re-enter Thailand using their Thai passport.

However, the following restrictions apply

  • The shipment must arrive in Thailand within 6 months of the shipper’s first arrival (or return date to Thailand for a Thai National)
  • Only one sea shipment and one air shipment will be granted duty free status and only one of each type of electrical items qualifies.  All goods must be used, not new.
  • The shipment must originate from the same country as the shipper’s last residence or place of work.


Retirees will not normally qualify for duty free entry

Prohibited items

Guns, ammunition, pornography, short wave radios


Food, wine and liquor need an import license and are subject to high duty

Buddha images also need an import license

These items should not be included in the shipment until shipper has confirmed that they have obtained an import license

Duty and Tax

Shipments not eligible for duty free entry can still be cleared through customs by paying the appropriate amount of duty and tax. Please
contact us for more information.

Clearance time

Normally customs clearance takes 3-4 days for sea shipment and 2-3 days for air shipments after shipment arrival at the port/airport.

Consignment details


Shipper’s name (exactly as shown in passport)

c/o Seabra International Movers & Logistics Co., Ltd.

39/1 Artnarong Road

Klongtoey, Klongtoey

Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Notify Party:

Seabra International Movers & Logistics Co., Ltd.

Documents required for customs clearance :

  • Foreigner : Original passport, original work permit, Bill of Lading or AWB, packing list
  • Thai nationals : Original passport, original ID card and copy house registration, Bill of Lading or AWB, packing list

Local And Intercity Residential Moves

Whether you are moving within Bangkok or to another location in Thailand ,Seabra Movers can arrange everything for you.We work with several of Bangkok’s leading property companies and with hundreds of individual customers.

Weekend move?

Want to move at the weekend? No problem, we can arrange it for you.

Own packing

If you would like to pack some items yourself, we will provide the packing materials and cardboard cartons for you.


If you would like to pack some items yourself, we will provide the packing materials and cardboard cartons for you.


Our moving consultant will be pleased to come to your house or apartment to discuss your moving requirements and tailor make a proposal and quotation for you.


Kitchenware,glassware,chinaware etc : will be individually wrapped with soft packing paper and packed into cardboard cartons