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Pet Moving Service

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Seabra Movers know how important your pets are to you. We offer all services associated with pet relocation. We provide crates and transportation and make sure your pets are moved with care and without stress or injury. You can trust your beloved animal companion with us. Services are available for dogs and cats.

Most destination countries will allow you to take your pet on the aircraft with you from Thailand as accompanied baggage. However, import/quarantine regulations in some countries are such that you must send your pet by airfreight.

 We can advise you which methods methods of transportation are allowed to your destination country. Even if accompanied baggage is acceptable, you may still prefer to send your pet by airfreight to suit your personal circumstances.

   •    Many countries insist that you send a blood sample for analysis and this has to be done 3 months prior to departure.We can advise if this is a requirement to your destination  country and give you further details.
   •    Many countries require an import permit to be arranged before shipment can be made. We can advise if this is a requirement for your destination country, and , if so, assist you to obtain it.
   •    For all destination countries, the pet must have a microchip implant before shipment.