Seabra International Movers & Logistics Co.,Ltd,


ProfileLocal and intercity house moves

  Whether  you are moving within Bangkok  or to another location in  Thailand ,Seabra Movers can
arrange everything for you.We work with several of Bangkok’s leading property companies and with
of individual customers.


 Our moving consultant will be pleased to come to your house or apartment to

discuss your moving requirements and tailor make a proposal and quotation for you.

Weekend move?

 Want to move at the weekend? No problem, we can arrange it for you.


Own packing

 If you would like to pack some items yourself, we will provide the packing materials and cardboard cartons for you.


 Furniture items will be wrapped in bubble wrap and protective woolen blankets or corrugated cardboard.


Kitchenware,glassware,chinaware etc : will be individually wrapped with soft packing paper and packed into cardboard cartons