Seabra International Movers & Logistics Co.,Ltd,





We can provide a complete range of vehicle handling services,

  •        Collection of vehicle from residence or embassy by own wheels or car carrier
  •        Cancellation of vehicle registration
  •        Booking Space with the shipping line
  •        Steam cleaning
  •        Preparation of export documents for customs and shipping line
  •        Loading and lashing into shipping container
  •        Export customs clearance
  •        Seafreight to destination port
  •        Import customs clearance and delivery at destination country. However. please note that import regulations vary considerably from country to country and we would check this for you before accepting your vehicle for shipment.


 Diplomatic vehicles (and motorbikes)
For diplomatic vehicles (and motorbikes)we liaise with the embassy concerned to obtain the duty free import approval from the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs.Once obtained, customs clearance and delivery is normally straight forward.

Privately owned vehicles (and motorbikes)
We only handle the import of diplomatic vehicles as privately owned vehicles (and motorbikes)need an import license (which must be obtained prior to shipment) and most applications in Thailand are rejected.Furthermore, they are subject to very high import duty and tax. If you are thinking about importing a privately owned vehicles into Thailand, please contact us for more information.